Trees For Fall Colours

Strolling through city parks at this time of the year will often provide a stunning show of colour from the variety of trees planted throughout the city, but why not bring these colours right to your yard? Aside from the common maples native to Ontario, there are many other trees that produce showy autumn colours, and we’ve compiled a small list of alternatives to consider.

  • Ginkgo – The delicate, fan shaped leaves are naturally green, but eventually transition into a lovely golden yellow in the fall. It is common for a Ginkgo tree to lose many of its leaves all at once. Ginkgo trees can also be male or female, and the male trees do not produce the foul smelling fruit that the females do, making them a more pleasant choice.
  • Amur Maple – Although Maples trees have an excellent reputation for their fall colours, these smaller trees have brilliant autumn colours ranging from fiery orange to burgundy. Even the samaras (the winged seed pods) turn a lovely shade of red.
  • Serviceberry – With a name like ‘Autumn Brilliance’ attached to this tree, you can expect nothing less than a spectacular fall colour, and the Serviceberry does not disappoint. Grown as a single leader tree or a multi-stem shrub, Autumn Brilliance boasts vibrant reddish-orange leaves come fall.
  • Japanese Maple – There are many varieties of Japanese Maples, often with darker, reddish leaves even throughout the spring and summer. In the fall weather, depending on the cultivar, the leaves can turn a richer shade of crimson.
  • Dogwood – Beautiful white flowers in the spring eventually give way to a variety of colours from yellow to wine-red, depending on the cultivar of this tree. Dogwood trees also produce berries that are known to turn bright red, and are attractive to birds.
  • Larch – A conifer tree that has deciduous leaves – or needles, that turn a golden yellow in the fall, before falling off of the tree. Nearly all evergreen conifer trees keep their needles throughout the fall and winter, making Larch truly unique.

As an added bonus for fall appeal, apple trees are a lovely fruit tree to plant on a property. Although clean-up of discarded fruit is a common chore for many fruit trees, apple trees are a great source of food for animals in fall and winter. Any fallen fruit can also be used as an excellent addition for compost.