Shrubs For Fall Colours

In our last post we talked about trees that are great for fall foliage and all-season colour, and this week the theme is shrubs. While trees are often gorgeous, they may not always suit each and every garden. Shrubs are a great alternative as the sizes vary, and many can be pruned or trimmed to suit a specific style and shape.

  • Fothergilla – An ornamental shrub, compact and slow-growing. Aromatic flowers give way to bright yellow, orange, and red leaves in the fall, making it a true all-season beauty.
  • Oakleaf hydrangea – Earning its name for its large, oak-shaped leaves, this hydrangea is beautiful throughout the entire year. Younger leaves tend to stay a deeper red-burgundy in cooler weather, while early-season leaves have time to mature into brighter, more typical fall colours.
  • Burning bush – An absolute stunner in fall, this small deciduous shrub has normally dark green leaves that transform into a brilliant scarlet.
  • Smokebush – This larger shrub has a range of colourful stages, and delicate flowers that resemble puffs of smoke. Fall brings about hues of orange, red, and purple leaves that remain on the bush after other trees have lost their leaves.
  • Ninebark – Offering a variety of season-long leaf colours spanning from burgundy to golden-orange. The reddish bark peels off in strips to reveal layers of colours that offer an added interest in the fall and winter.