Recent Projects: A Modern Twist

An ultra-modern home with a monochromatic colour scheme, required a strong formal garden but with a modern twist. A grand entrance of stone walkways, driveway and pillars creates a stunning vision as you approach the home.

Following the strong lines of the home, a design of bold geometric squares and triangles juxta positioned with richly layered soft plants created a stunning array of balanced interest.

The garden was not very large in area so it was important to create the illusion of size and impact through the creation of “Rooms”, each with its own focal point. The use of sculptures, boxwood hedges as squares and circles, layered plants with robust colours and stone walkways, delineates each area and allows them to stand on their own.  A large evergreen gives privacy from the street but as you approach the home and garden there’s a surprise around every corner.

Proportion was paramount as the scale could not be overwhelming or underwhelming for that matter. Tall centered plants, trees in urns and graduated edging, creates a calming flow of height and width. This symmetry allows the eye to rest while at the same time embrace the nuances of the space. Adhering to the principles of the “Golden Ratio” of 3,5 and 8, the scale and repetition stay consistent and work with the overall design.

The use of classic plants such as boxwood, euonymus, spirea, hydrangeas and grasses are consistent with the formal aspect of the garden. The incorporation of tropical plants, topiaries, colourful annuals and succulents, give the garden a modern, playful feel at the same time.

By using a classical approach with a modern twist, a stunning garden has been created.