Recent Projects: A Fairie Woodland Paradise

A wooded lot with a steep incline behind a beautiful country home was the perfect setting for a waterfall and pond, with an “Always There” feel that the client requested.

There were a few challenges in the construction of this feature such as extremely large boulders that had to be incorporated, moved and upended. These also helped determine the flow, speed and direction of the falls, as well as natural places for seating, climbing and watching.

Because it was in an indigenous area, a mechanical and bog filtration system had to be implemented so as to not disturb the natural elements of the area.

Most importantly the clients wanted a water feature that would be a statement piece while looking as natural as possible.

To achieve this, existing boulders, rocks, tree stumps, vegetation and lay-offs were used as the basis for the water feature. With the addition of more stones, plants, and trees, the natural incline was preserved.

A pond with fish; indigenous plants such as ferns, lilies, mosses, and grasses lent to the natural appearance of the feature. The plants were also chosen for their texture, height and width as well. A variety of hues rather than colours creates a calming effect that is pleasant to look at.  A few well-placed statues of water fowl gives a sense of wonder and whimsy as well. The addition of soft pebble, meandering paths from the top to bottom, with various seating and observation areas, gives this space a multiuse purpose.

Dappled sunlight through the trees and the reflection on the pond at all times of the day, give a wonderful, magical feel where fairies might indeed dwell.