Once you have completed your consultation, and made your wish list, we will work with you to create a landscape plan that meets your personal needs and reflects your lifestyle. You will meet with your designer in Ottawa’s only in-office landscape design studio to begin seeing your inspired outdoor living space become a reality.

A professional landscape plan can help expand your horizons and present you with exciting and innovative possibilities for your outdoor space. It can also help address any challenges that the site presents and help eliminate complications during the construction phase.

The design process allows you to see and consider your options: elements to be included in your yard, expressions of your personal style and preferences with respects to materials, colours and textures. This will ensure that the final result will suit your needs and lifestyle, compliment your space and fit your budget.

3D Design

3D concepts of a landscape plan are available for an additional cost. A 3D concept provides the client with a rendered 3 dimensional view of their project or specific element of their project. This quickly identifies grades, both rises and falls in a landscape and structures to determine how these new elements will fit with existing elements (i.e. trees, roof lines, etc.).

A 3D concept is created after the initial 2D layout has been designed. Utilizing a specialized 3D software, the designer can render anything possible to allow the client to get a better perspective of the projects finished results.

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2D Design

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