Curb Appeal – Making A Great First Impression

Landscaping is a significant part of curb appeal, and getting the most out of a front yard, regardless of the size, shouldn’t be a daunting task. There are quite a few options to spruce up a yard that don’t necessarily have to break bank, but can still go a long way towards creating a beautiful outdoor space.

  • Consider the colour of your home as inspiration. Planting flowers that will act as accents can create bright bursts of colour that stand out against a house and draw the eye.
  • Utilize existing hardscapes. Walkways and paths can be lined with planters to create accenting flower beds.
  • Keep lawn edges tidy. Trimming the edges of a lawn away from walkways and garden beds for clear and defined borders. This will create a neat and tidy look to improve a front lawn.
  • Pruning. Overgrown shrubs or trees can be quickly trimmed up to add to a well manicured look. Pruning plants that may be growing against a house will also help prevent paint from chipping and becoming unsightly.
  • Planters and furniture. If space for gardens is an issue, consider adding spots of colour in smaller areas. Planters are excellent for adding a burst of foliage and colour to a front porch, but can become cluttered – consider staying on the minimal side with 2-3 planters of the same shape and colour.  Patio furniture with brightly coloured cushions will do the trick to draw the eye and create a comfortable outdoor space. Adding a coat of paint to existing patio furniture will help rejuvenate older pieces.
  • Outdoor lighting. Adding new bulbs to old lights can go a long way. LED bulbs are great for brighter lights that require less power. Lining a pathway with lights, or tailoring light fixtures to suit the style of the house are minor touches that go a long way.
  • Fresh mulch. Adding a nice fresh layer of mulch will benefit any garden. It not only acts as a barrier for weeds, but can make a garden appear brighter and well manicured.

These are just a few tips, but don’t hesitate to get creative and brainstorm other ideas that may work well for your home. Every house is different, and that allows for many unique ways to spruce up a front yard and living area. Happy planning!